Yakima Towing

Providing emergency towing and roadside service to Yakima and surrounding areas.

Yakima Towing is prepared to meet all of your emergency towing and roadside assistance needs!

Here at Yakima Towing, we know that life can be full of unexpected surprises. Thats why we are are always ready to answer the call for help and get you back on the road safely, efficiently and affordably! Whatever kind of curveball life throws your way you can rely on Yakima Towing.

We are ready to address any highway or automotive crisis that may arise, and are prepared to tow you to the moon and back! We have the skills and expertise to remedy any medley of issues you might face in your travels. Locked your keys in your car? We’ll be there with a jimmy in a jiffy. Do you have a dead battery? Yakima Towing will give you a jump in a snap. Maybe it’s a flat tire? The tools and the know how are already on the way and you can count on that. Stuck in a ditch? We’ve got a wench.

Towing can be tricky, that’s why we are standing by with the right equipment, and with experienced and licensed tow truck drivers who are ready to get the job done. We know that when you’re in a pinch, you need someone there right away, and you need someone who knows what they are doing. With Yakima Towing you will get just that.

We’ve all been stuck once or twice, and it is certainly a relief to know that help is on the way. Yakima towing is providing professional tow truck services to Selah, Union Gap, West Valley, Terrace Heights, Birchfield and Moxee City. Rest easy knowing that your property is in the capable hands of an experienced two truck driver.

Some of the services you can expect from us are:

  • Towing services for vehicles which are broken down
  • Towing service for vehicles which are illegally or improperly parked
  • Fuel delivery, in case you run out of gas
  • Jump starts for drained batteries
  • Support in case you are locked out of your vehicle
  • Tire change service

Disabled Vehicle Support

Whether you be stranded with a broken down vehicle in your driveway, at the grocery store, or stranded on the side of the road or the highway, it doesn’t matter! We are here for you. Just give Yakima Towing a call. We will come and get you! We will deliver your vehicle to the mechanic or automotive repair shop of your choice and give you a ride home afterwards. Day or night, 365 days a year.

Illegal or Improperly Parked Vehicles

Have you ever come home from work after a long day just to find that someone has rudely inconvenienced you by parking in your own personal reserved parking spot? Have no fear, Yakima Towing is here. Just give us a ring and we will make sure they never have the nerve to park in your spot again. Maybe you got in the morning and you can see from your living room window that you’ve been double parked. Someone is parked right in front of your driveway, and you have to go to work! No worries, we will be there in a flash to clear your path.

Fuel Delivery

Imagine you are cruising down the highway, minding your own business, singing along to your favorite tunes, when suddenly your vehicle splutters to a slow stop. You slowly increase the pressure on the accelerator pedal with your foot, and it is unresponsive. You have just enough momentum to crawl over to the shoulder. You look down at the gas gauge and it’s on empty. What do you do now? Call Yakima Towing of course! One quick phone call and we are on the way with a jug full of gasoline to get you back on the road as quickly as possible!

Flatbed Towing

Yakima towing has all tools for your towing needs. Sometimes a typical pull behind tow job simply won’t do. It may be that your vehicle too damaged to be driven or towed by traditional methods, or maybe you have a collector’s car which is simply too precious to be taken out on the road. Whatever the case may be, a flatbed tow truck might be just the thing you need. We will pull your vehicle up onto one of our flatbed towing rigs and take it right to your desired destination. Using a flatbed tow truck will keep miles off of your odometer, and also will protect your vehicle road grime and debris.

Jump Start Service

Even the best of us have been found ourselves with a dead battery from time to time. Maybe you left your headlights or one of the interior lights on. Or perhaps you ran down the battery listening to the game on the radio while you were waiting for your kid to finish up at soccer practice. The reason isn’t important, what’s really important is that Yakima Towing is here to help! It’s what we do. So give us a call and we will come on down and give you a jump! It’s just the neighborly thing to do.

Lock Out Support

You’re in a rush. You jump out of the car and run into the store for a quick second. When you come back out the door is locked. You peer inside the window only to see your keys sitting right there on the drivers seat. Now you could spend an hour trying to get the door unlocked using a coat hanger you borrowed from the gas station attendant, or you could leave it to the professionals. That’s us. Call Yakima Towing and we will have your car unlocked in seconds. That’s a promise.

Tire Change Service

There is no bigger bummer than a flat tire. That’s why if you get one you should call Yakima Towing. We will come right out to help you change it, or give you and vehicle a lift to the tire service provider of your choice.

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