Differences Between Heavy And Light Towing

Towing a car is not a fun experience for most of us, but sometimes we may need to consider it. The truth is that sometimes we need this service to get our vehicle to the workshop or anywhere else. And when that time comes, you need to be well informed about the difference between heavy and light towing.

Today, we’re here to differentiate between heavy and light towing.

➤ Light Towing

Light towing service can be used to cater to smaller cars like Sedans, Honda Civics, Nissan Frontier, Toyota Altis, and many other small cars. Besides all of these, motorcycle towing also falls under this category. These cars fall under the category of “light duty” tows. There are different types of trucks available that are lightweight and efficient to drive.

For example, You’re heading out for a job and suddenly your car failed to start. In this case, light towing is recommended because light tow trucks are lightweight and smaller in size and can easily reach urban or suburban places with ease.

➤ Heavy Towing

Heavy towing services can be used to cater to bigger and bulkier types of vehicles like Cargos, Trucks, and many other large commercial vehicles. The situation of your vehicle also dictates the towing service you need. Cases like car crashes will require advanced towing equipment. These tools are required to avoid any other damages that can be caused by a light towing service. For this purpose, we use a heavy towing service equipped with advanced towing equipment.

For example, If your car falls into a ditch, then a simple light tow truck can not be used. In this case, a car recovery service might estimate that a heavy tow truck is required to get this job done. Even a small car will require a heavy-duty tow truck equipped with a flatbed trailer, especially when the vehicle is wrecked.

Choose The Right Tow Truck

If you’re looking to book a tow truck near you, I’d recommend you first know the situation in order to have a good experience with the towing service. When accidents or any other issues occur, your job is to know about the situation, who to call, and what towing service you will need.

We’re living in a world of abundant technology. Grab your phone and open your browser, try to do your research and find out the best companies that offer the service you need. Conisdering a company with a lot of towing experience and a good reputation in their local area is very important and will probably be the best choice for you. Ask for their licenses and what equipment they’ll be using to get this job done, so you don’t have to worry about anything else.