How to Know When it’s Time to Buy New Tires

Overall, new tires carry a great importance when it comes to wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise levels. Tires influence a vehicles rolling ability, which is a serious contributor when it comes to fuel efficiency. In addition, worn tires reduce the wet grip, increasing the braking distance, particularly on wet roads.

Checking your tires on a regular basis ensures optimal performance on all terrain and ensures good fuel consumption. In that regard, it helps if all vehicle owners understand when it is the best time to change vehicle tires. In this post, we look at warning signs to look out for when it comes to tire maintenance. You need to be aware of the following things when it comes to tire maintenance and replacement tips.

1.    Tread Wear

Tread wear is a good indicator when it comes to the tires relative wear rate. Ideally, the higher the tread wear number, the longer it takes the tire to wear down.  Check the tread wear bars to know when it is time to replace your tires. Tread wear bars are small raised bars of rubber in the grooves of your tire. As the tire wears, the tread bars become flush with the tire tread. When this happens, you know it is time to replace the tires.

2.    Exposure to Elements

Another factor determining when it is time to change your vehicle tires is the extent of exposure to the weather elements. Continued exposure to heat and the sun’s ultraviolet rays could cause tires structural damage. Environmental elements have a negative impact on your tires structure.  For instance, the temperature outside has various impacts on the vehicle’s tires. Consider that temperature fluctuations could mean change in tires pressure. Thus, higher temperatures increase the pressure on tires. On the flipside, lower temperatures will lower the pressure in your tires. Therefore, after summer or winter weather, inspect the tires to identify signs of wear owing to weather changes.

3.    Tire Age

Another factor when it comes to tire tear and wear is age. Vehicle owners should know that every tire will succumb to age.  As part of routine tire maintenance, change tires after six to ten years depending on tire usage and prevailing weather conditions. Old tires are dangerous regardless of the tread depth. Therefore, you should avoid buying used vehicle tires, as you do not know how long the tires have been stored by the previous owner. Similarly, if you are purchasing a used car, consider changing the tires before driving the car any further. 

4.    Conditions of Use

Another important indicator that it is time to change your tires is conditions of usage. Ideally, if the tire is used on rough conditions, the driver should consider changing the tires more often to avoid disappointments. Consider that tough conditions lead to wear and tear, which means deteriorated tire performance. In that regard, it is always important to change the tires as often after as is necessary, especially after riding on tough conditions.  


We have seen the factors to take into consideration when it comes to tire maintenance. Thus, keep checking your vehicle tires for above signs. Most important, change the tires often to avoid fatal road accidents due to burst tires and other conditions. In case of flat tire or tire burst, contact a professional towing company in Yakima, WA.