Yakima Towing and Emergency Roadside Services

You get stranded on the side of the road. You are only thinking one thing, and one thing only: who is going to help? Well of course you can call your Mom, call your Dad, your Grandma, your wife, or your best friend. And they will probably answer the phone, wishing that they could help, but what can the really do? Do they have the skills, equipment and expertise to really make a difference in your situation? Probably not. But Yakima towing does.

Lock out support

Have you ever locked your keys out of your car? Sure ya have. Just call Yakima towing and for a quick and speedy response team of professionals to come out and jimmy that door open. We have the tools and expertise to get you back on the road in a flash.

Tire Change Support

Everyone has blown a tire at least once. With so many hazards and debris on the road it is almost inevitable. However, changing a tire can be hard! Maybe you don’t want to be stuck out in the rain or the snow having to change the tire on your hands and knees. Maybe you have a defective jack, or you misplaced your tire iron. Maybe you haven’t checked on your spare for a while and it’s flat too! Whatever the reason, Yakima towing is your number one emergency roadside service provider in Yakima, and we will be happy to come on out and get that tire changed for you!

Jump Start Support

Dead batteries suck. Most likely you accidentally left the headlights on, or you were playing the radio while you were waiting for the kiddos to get done with soccer practice. Maybe you have an old battery that was sapped of all its juice by the cold. Being dead in the water with a dead battery can be frustrating. If you call Yakima Towing when your car wont start, we will head straight on out to either give you a jump start, or give you a whole new battery to get you on the road on with your day.

Motorcycle Towing

Cheap and affordable motorcycle towing from Yakima Towing is a great option for getting your prized bike or chopper out of the garage, driveway, or front yard and over to storage for the winter months.

Vehicle Recovery

Rest assured that Yakima Towing is fully equipped with the right tools and equipment to recover any wrecked or vehicle that is stuck off the road. Whatever the cause, we are standing by with wenches, high powered engines, and flatbed towing configurations to get you out of that sticky situation and get your vehicle to mechanic of your choice, or down to the wrecking yard if you so desire.

Heavy Towing

We are prepared for some heavy towing. Yakima Towing is ready to move trailers, 5th wheels, motorhomes and buses, in addition to commercial vehicles that are just too big to be handled by a standard towing set up. If you have one these set ups and need to get if from place to place, Yakima Towing is the one to call.