Don’t Get Scammed!

The sight of tow truck looming in the distance might cause you to breath a sigh of relief when you find yourself in a jam. Whether you are stranded with a vehicle that just decided to stop going or you just got in a serious collision, it might be tempting to let your guard down and let the professionals handle the situation the rest of the way. However, you must remain vigilant! While towing is super important service that we all need, and most companies are totally legitimate businesses with owners that just want to help out, you still need to watch out for those unsavory types. There are some businesses which are just plain unethical, whether they are just straight crooks or sly scam artists, you will need to be on your guard. You can use this article and the tips included here to protect yourself against shady tow truck businesses and make sure you get the best possible service at the best possible price, no strings attached!

  • One of the easiest way for a tow truck company to rip you off is by cooperating with a shady auto body shop. The tow truck driver might take a commission or fee from the shop owner under the table for every damaged or disable vehicle that he delivers. Then the shop owner will do everything he can to price gouge and bill unnecessary services to the unwitting consumer. You might think you have no choice but to take the advice of the unethical mechanic just because he already has your car in his shop. Don’t let them push you around. Remember that you always have the power to say no. The best way to avoid this type of scam is to do your own research on an auto body or mechanic shop and choose one for yourself. Then insist that the tow truck driver delivers your vehicle to shop of your choice, rather than taking a recommendation from the driver.
  • In another scenario, a to truck driver might take your car off to some private impound, where they will hold your vehicle hostage at an outrageous price. If your vehicle is to be impounded or parked in a lot rather than at a repair shop, insist that your vehicle be brought directly to the tow yard and not some other private lot.

The best way to avoid tow truck scams is to do your own research and use the power of paperwork!

  1. Make sure to check all the credentials: licensing, bonding and insurance. Insuring that your tow truck has all the proper paperwork in order will help you to be sure that your driver is legit, and not an imposter. It’s also a good idea to use internet resources to make sure that the tow truck company is well established and highly reviewed.
  2. Use the power of paperwork to protect yourself. Make sure you have all the details of the service in writing before you agree to anything. A contract will be your best friend in the case of any disputes.
  3. Do your own research: don’t take any recommendations from the tow truck driver when it comes to repair shops. They might be personally motived to recommend one shop or the other. Insist on doing your own research and choosing a shop for yourself.