How To Choose The Best Towing Company

What would you do if your car broke down on the freeway? Asking for help from other drivers is not the worst thing you can do. However, what if your friends do not have a towrope or it is late at night and no one wants to stop? Calling a professional Yakima towing company guarantees you peace of mind. An experienced towing company in Yakima will ensure a fast and efficient response. Moreover, a professional Yakima towing company is licensed and insured. Thus, you enjoy peace of mind whenever you engage the services of a professional towing company. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what to look out for when hiring a towing company.

This post highlights important tips to help you identify a professional towing company in Yakima.

1.     Customer Service Says It All

When looking for a towing company, the experience of dealing with unresponsive and unhelpful staff can be a red flag. From the minute you call the company asking for an appointment, you can tell if the company offers a professional service. Listen to the kind of response you get from the customer care assistance. If the tone is rude and the person answering your call does not take time to explain the process, avoid dealing with such a company.

2.     What Type Of Towing Equipment Do They Use?

Shopping for a professional towing company in Yakima does not have to start when your car breaks down. From the moment you get a drivers license, you should look out for towing companies using professional grade towing equipment. Keep away from towing companies that lack the right towing equipment.  The danger of hiring an inexperienced towing company that does not have the right equipment is that they can cause delayed towing or even worse, damage your car. Therefore, verify the type of equipment to ascertain it is suitable for towing your car.

3.     Reputation And Service Level

You want to engage a company that understands the customer’s requirements and stands by the customer when called upon. Therefore, you ought to consider the company’s reputation to make sure that they will provide reliable service the next time you contact them during an emergency. Research what past customers say about the company you are about to engage. Some companies will have a negative reputation from the customers they have served in the past.  Stay away from the companies that have negative reviews from the previous customers.

4.     Availability

In times of a roadside emergency, you want to hire a towing company that is readily available. Ask the executives about their average response time. If the company does not offer emergency towing services, they may not be a reliable partner in times when you are in need of emergency towing solutions.

5.     Licensing and Insurance

Another important consideration is whether the company has an operating license issued by the appropriate licensing bodies. Hire a licensed service provider to avoid experiencing delays in the case of disputes between unlicensed towing companies and the industry regulators. Moreover, make sure you engage an insured towing company.


Finding the best towing company in Yakima does not have to feel stressful. Follow the tips we have covered here to discover the best towing company near you. Make sure the company is experienced and offers licensed and insured staff.