Important Details to Tell the Tow Truck Driver When You Call For a Tow

Car breakdowns occur when you least expect. The obvious answer to a car breakdown is calling a professional towing company. However, most car owners do not know exactly what to tell the towing company when calling for help. Eventually, the towing company does not arrive with the right equipment, or the towing company gives invalid quotes during the call, leading to discrepancies. Do you know that you can save time and money by providing the towing company with the right information during that distress call?

In this post, we feature what you need to tell your towing company when booking for a tow. Therefore, before you call the towing company, have a quick summary with the following details at hand.

1.    What is the Build / Make of Your Car

The towing professionals want to know the vehicles build in order to bring the right equipment. If the team available near you lacks appropriate equipment, the next available towing team will come to your destination.

Therefore, know the vehicles drive system, the vehicles make, and the vehicle model. Towing companies are experienced in towing regular cars, but they need to have such information to ensure the right approach and the right equipment when towing the vehicle.

What Issue are You Facing?

It is necessary you convey to the towing company the issue you are facing. For instance, it could be an overheating engine, or you had a tire burst. This way the towing company can arrange for the necessary tools to apply in solving the situation. Ensure you convey all the details via the phone call. Where possible, send some images through the provided email or other means of communication.

3.    Your Current Location

Explain the current location with a great degree of accuracy. In situations where you are located in very new areas, you can mention the nearest landmark to help the towing service reach your destination. Alternatively, you can share location coordinates through apps like Google Maps. That way, the towing company can identify the shortest route to get to your destination.

4.    The Destination and Time Parameters

The towing company needs to know where they will tow the vehicle to, and the time parameters to be able to provide the right quote. Ideally, the towing cost depends on various parameters, among them the distance and the time. For instance if you require immediate vehicle towing at night, the total cost is relatively higher than the cost of towing the same vehicle the following morning or after a fortnight.

5.    Tell Them if You Need a Courtesy Car

In a situation where you are experiencing mechanical issue and you need to get to an important event, some towing companies could organize a courtesy car to help you reach the destination on time. If that is the case, let the towing company know the type of car you need.


We have highlighted important things you need to make sure the towing company is aware of when requesting for their services. Therefore, the next time you are calling the towing service provide the information explained above.