Locked your keys in the car? We provide lock out support.

Its happened to everyone, you’re distracted, or in a hurry. You just aren’t paying attention. You jump out of your car and close the door, and immediately you know you’ve done it. You locked your keys inside the car. What to do now? It’s cold or its raining, or you’re in a hurry. You could do what most people do: go over to the gas station and beg the guy behind the counter to get you a metal coat hanger or some long flexible piece of plastic. Then you spend about about two hours trying to bend and twist this thing into the perfect shape, where you can shove it in the crack in between the window and the door in order to hit the electric unlock button, or grab the post that unlocks the door.

There are two problems with this approach:

  1. It takes forever. It’s frustrating. You do not have the time or the patience to deal with this kind of thing. You just want the car to be unlocked so you can get on with you day. Worst of all, it might not even work.
  2. When you use this technique you risk damaging the rubber seal between the window and the door. If you damage this seal you could have rainwater leaking on you all the way home, and you do not want that. Nobody want that.

Now, maybe you have a hide a key! You think, good thing I left that hide a key hidden under the back bumper! But alas, it has fallen off somewhere along the way. It’s probably lying in a ditch somewhere. And all the better, honestly, because everyone knows the hide a key trick, and you are just giving thieves the green light to steal or stuff, or steal your vehicle!

So, instead of doing all this ridiculous finagling, you do the sensible thing and call Yakima Towing and request their lock out service. With the help of a true professional, with the proper tools and knowledge you can avoid all of this ridiculousness and be back on the road in no time at all. We have helped so many people get into their locked cars you that it’s no problem at all!

If you absolutely refuse to call a professional roadside assistance service, there are a few unlikely methods you can try.

  1. The coat hanger method (discussed above)
    • Get a coat hanger from someone nearby, hopefully you can get one from the gas station or from a friendly neighbor. All you have to is bend the coat hanger in such a way that you can push it in between the door jam and press the unlock button, or flip the switch.
  2. Stick and flat head screw driver
    1. Get a long stick or metal rod. Use the screw driver to pry open the door slightly so that you can stick the metal rod into the vehicle and hit the unlock button
  3. Blood pressure cuff
    1. Here is a cool trick! Use a blood pressure cuff or some other sort of inflatable device to place in the door jam, and inflate in order to create a gap! Then all you need to do is use a stick or rod to unlock the car!
  4. String method
    1. If you have the patience, you can tie a slip knot into a string and lower it into the gap between the window and the door until you are able to slip the loop around the locking mechanism. Once you have the loop in place, pull the string to tighten the loop around the pin, and voila. The door will open for you.
  5. Tennis Ball
    1. Make a hole in a tennis ball about the size of the key mechanism in your car door. Now place the hole in the tennis ball over the key hole, and push down on the tennis ball. The air being forced into the keyhole could unlock your car door!