Vehicle Safety Checklist Before Going On A Road Trip

When summer is here, it’s natural for many people to think about a road trip. When heading out for a road trip, there’ll be so much fun and excitement. But before all this, safety comes first. To make your road trip safe and full of excitement you’ll need to keep your vehicle safe and risk-free

Here we’ve compiled a list of  5 things that need to be checked before heading out for a road trip.

1: Check Your Car battery

The first most important step is to check your car battery. Make sure that all of the connections are tightly connected and are free of rust. If the connections are rusty then you’ll need to disconnect the battery from the vehicle and clean all the terminals with a brush. If you don’t know how to check or clean a car battery then it’s better to leave it to a professional. It is necessary for you to check the car battery before heading out.

2: Check Tire Pressure

Everyone knows that tire pressure affects the journey. Many people often forget to check the tire pressure before going on a road trip. A simple pressure check will let you know how much air the tire is holding, and if you need to add some more.  Proper tire pressure will ensure maximum gas mileage, as well as increase safety.

3: Make Sure That AC Works Properly

Especially in the summer season, it is essential to make sure that your AC works properly in order to maximize comfort. If your AC isn’t working well, then try to do a quick inspection. If there are any issues try to have them fixed by consulting a professional.

4: Regularly Clean Air Filters

Just as all of the living organisms need oxygen to survive, a car also needs oxygen to facilitate of the combustion process. That’s why we must clean the air filters regularly. If your air filters are dirty you’ll need to clean them. You don’t need to go to a mechanic just for the purpose of cleaning or replacing your filters. You can clean it at home and use the same one again and again.

5: Inspect Brakes

The most important step is to inspect the brakes. If your brakes are producing some odd sounds then it may indicate that your brake pads are worn out. If your brakes are too old, then it’s time to change them. If your brakes sound ok but still you’re not sure then consult a professional.

6: Emergency Kit

If you’re going on a road trip then you must carry an emergency kit with you. Your emergency kit should not only contain first aid but also contain tools that may be useful like a wrench, screwdriver, jumper cables, and extra fuses, etc.

7: Make Sure You Have A Spare Tire

A simple and easy check that can be done within a few minutes before heading out for a long journey is to make sure that you have a spare wheel and a jack.

By following the checklist above, you can ensure that you can have a safe and healthy journey!