Tools You Should Always Have In Your Car’s Emergency Kit

No matter how careful you think your driving is, you should never forget to put an emergency kit in your car. This important kit should contain tools that you can use in case of an emergency. The emergency could involve you, or other road users. Thus, it is always important you ensure that you have the following tools in your car’s emergency kit.

1.  High Quality Flashlight

There are several practical reasons for keeping a premium flashlight in your car’s emergency kit. The aluminum flashlight could help you in locating stuff in the dark. Remember that sometimes you may drop important items like your phone between the car seats. Retrieving the phone to make that important call can be hectic, especially if you are stuck at night. Therefore, if you have a premium flashlight you can use it to find the phone. Another reason to keep a flashlight is in the case of tire puncture at night. You could have the jack and tire repair kit, but without proper illumination, changing or repairing the tire can be a nightmare. Therefore, always keep a premium flashlight inside the cars emergency kit. 

2.  Pair Of Pliers

A pair of pliers is a very versatile tool. Hence, you should have a pair of pliers for different reasons. You can use pliers to adjust metal parts, cut wires, or grab objects in tight areas. Ideally, pliers operate like wrenches but squeeze to grip whatever size or shape you need. For convenience, consider pliers of different sizes and keep three to six sets of pliers that include expandable combination pliers, needle nose pliers and wire cutters.

3.  Screwdrivers

High-quality screwdrivers are a most basic tool you should always keep in your vehicle. A set of screws can help you adjust some screws or even get into tight spaces. Philips screwdrivers and the standard screwdrivers are some of the basic sets to keep in your car. Screwdrivers can help in adjusting and fastening loose battery cables. Remember that even in the most modern cars; some things come loose from vibration, age or other reasons.

4.  Tow Strap

The tow strap is a super strong fabric used for towing a vehicle for short distances. The tow strap can be handy when you need assistance from a passing stranger, especially if your vehicle is stuck in the snow or mud. If you will need to use the tow strap, make sure that you have tied down properly. A poorly placed tow strap can cause car damage. Engage the services of a professional tow company to help you in towing the vehicle.

5.  Jumper Cables

A dead car battery can be the most frustrating occurrence. The jumper cable is a simple piece of equipment but can get you back on the road, and to the nearest parts shop. Choose the heavy-gauge jumper cables with high-quality spring-loaded clamps. Note that the jumper cables should be attached correctly to avoid causing an electrical related issue.  

6.  Tire Inflator / sealer

Many vehicles come with spare tires. Unfortunately, the spare tire might not be inflated properly. If this happens, you may require a can of sealer to hook up to the tires valve stem and find the tire’s leak.  The sticky compound can save you from spending hours by the roadside waiting for a tire repair shop to send you a spare tire.


We have looked at the basic tools to keep in your vehicle. In case of breakdown, talk to an experienced towing company in Yakima to rescue you.