What To Do If Your Car Gets Stuck In The Snow

If your car is stuck in the middle of a huge pile of snow, or a stretch of ice, it can be a devastating experience. Some people might not know what to do whenever they are stuck in snow.  Luckily, we found some tricks to help you whenever you are stuck in snow. Follow these five tips to get your car unstuck.

1.    Clear A Path Around Your Tires

Dig out the snow and ice away from the drive tires to free up a few feet in front of and behind the tires.  This is to enable you to drive the car back and forth. Also, be sure to dig out the snow under the front or the middle of your car, to get enough ground clearance. Using a snow shovel makes the digging easier and simple. Therefore, during winter you want to make sure you have a shovel in the car trunk. Not only does the shovel come in handy when you get stuck, but also when others are caught unprepared.

2.    Switch The Traction Control Off

If the drive wheels have traction control switched on, you are likely to get stuck in snow. Therefore, ensure the traction control system is off. Check the vehicle manufacturer’s handbook to locate the traction control switch. However, most vehicles have the traction control button on the dashboard.

3.    Have Winter Tires in the Right Condition

If you live in areas where winter storms are common, like in the Yakima Valley, you should definitely run on snow tires during the winter season. Before the snow starts, get the right tire pressure and make sure the tire tread is in good condition.

4.    The Back And Forth Technique

Make sure you have cleared the snow around the tires using a high-quality shovel. This is important when it comes to giving the vehicle enough room to move back and forth. Put the car to drive mode, drive forward a bit and then put the car in reverse mode. The back and forth motion helps get rid of the snow wall that is still holding in place so that you can get moving.

5.    Add Traction

Where the back and forth method does not work in the case of heavy snow, try adding some traction. For instance, if you have some chains, this can be of great help. If you do not have chains, you can use kitty litter or floor mats to gain traction. If your vehicle gains enough grip, you will move easily.

6.    Hire a Towing company

Finally, if the snow is too huge for either of the above tactics to help, the towing company will be there to help. Contact a trusted towing company near you, and provide the location details. Verify the company’s level of experience in towing to avoid hiring an inexperienced company.

We have looked at the important tips to help you out in case your car is stuck in the snow. Engage a qualified and experienced towing driver to help you out of the snow. Experienced towing companies use the right equipment to tow your car, and apply the best methods to protect your vehicle from scratches and damage.